The worldwide production of walnuts has been increasing rapidly in recent years, with the largest increase coming from China. The other major producers of walnuts were (in the order of decreasing harvest): Iran, United States, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, Romania, India, France and Chile. The average worldwide walnut yield was about 3 metric tonnes per hectare, in 2010. The United States is the world's largest exporter of walnuts. The Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys of California produce 99 percent of the nation’s commercial English walnuts. Our Suppliers from the heart of California have been growing walnuts for generations. We provide customers with a trusted source for their product and confidence they are partnered with companies with long history and proven track records. We have a variety of safe, quality walnuts available to fit our customer’s needs. Please contact us today with any questions. We currently offer walnuts In-Shell and various Kernel product types. Please contact the office in regards to sales or contracts along with any questions. Origins – USA, Chile, Turkey etc Walnut in Shell from USA


Chandler Walnuts

The Chandler walnut is large, smooth and oval shaped with a good shell seal. Chandlers are known around the world and are highly prized by buyers for their extra light and high quality kernels. Harvested mid to late season, Chandlers provide one of the highest kernel yields of any of the varieties.

Hartley Walnuts

Today this "classic walnut"; is the principal variety marketed inshell. Hartleys are harvested mid-late season. The thin-shelled, well-sealed nut is easy to crack and continues to be the best inshell walnut variety for customers who require an artificially bleached shell.

Howard Walnuts

Well known for its light nutshell color and attractive natural appearance, the Howard walnut features a large, light kernel that provides outstanding flavor. Howard walnuts rank among the top six varieties grown in California, which together account for more than 75% of the state’s walnut production.