Product: Green Mung Beans

Variety: Vigna Radiata

Description: Grain legume of the species Phaseolus aureus

General Aspects: they are beans of the last harvest uniform healthy green colour, cleaned, calibrated and dried

Sowing: December – January

Harvest: March – April

Production area: Argentina

Presentation: Polypropylene bags of 25 and 50kg.

Size (in mm): 3.2 mm — 4.0 mm

Quantity x 20´container: 24 tons



Appearance: Characteristic

Taste: Characteristic

Aroma: Characteristic, presenting no stale, musty, sour or rancid smell

Colour: Colour: bright green

Fungi: Absent

Insect damage:1%

Foreign Matter: 1%

Matches and/or broken: 2%

Stained: 4%

Admixture: 0.5%

Humidity: 14%